Schedule your task to get fresh data at specific time and access it via API or export it as a spreadsheet.

Get Started

Once you've created your task inside the extension, you can either click on the task right from it or open this link to go to the platform.

You can now view, sort or search for a task inside your dashboard's tasks overview page.

Start by navigating to your task overview page by clicking on it.

Task Overview

The task overview page contains many helpful information about your task's status and last activities.

Preview default task URL

Each task by default gets assigned a default link that allows you to check and retrieve your default tasks results which can be accessed by clicking on the Preview button.

By default returns results in a JSON format.

Run task

You can manually trigger a task to run instantly by clicking on the three dot icon next to Preview button and then click Run Task.

Currently, this feature requires a two minutes timeout between each trigger.

Delete task

You can delete a task by clicking on the three dot icon next to Preview button and then click Delete.

Preview, download or delete specific result

Inside the section Latest runs, you will find a table containing information your task's current and previous runs. Each row will tell you date, execution duration, and status of your task as well as controls such:

Preview result

You can preview each result individually by clicking on the chain-link icon, this would open a new tab showing results of that specific run.

Download result

You can download a result instantly by clicking on the download button at the end of the row.

You can also download the file in multiple formats by changing the format dropdown value in the table head and click the download button again.

Delete result

In the row controls section, you can also find a delete button which allows you to remove a specific result from the table.

Version control

Screpto's task version control allows you to control which result gets returned in the default task URL. This greatly helps ensuring reliability and reducing the risk of a broken API when connecting your task to an external service.

You can set any result as default by clicking on the corresponding star icon in the Latest runs section.


Webhooks allow you to get notifications from Screpto about a task as they happen. You can create a new webhook via the Webhooks tab in your task overview page and subscribe to either a succuessful or failed run.

The maximum limit of webhooks is currently 2.

Edit task settings

By going to the task settings tab, you have the flexibility to change many settings such as:

  • Edit the task name
  • Enable / disable Javascript rendering
  • Change task schedule
  • Change pagination settings
  • Default run settings

Web Notifications

Web notifications can inform you about your task's activity.

You can enable notifications for task events in your dashboard at Settings > Notifications.