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Scraping Extension

Point and select, organize, preview and launch your scraper in a minute.

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Automate your tasks to get fresh data at specific time and access it via API or export it as a spreadsheet.

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API Reference

Get up and running with our API methods, keys and integration tools.

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Video Tutorials

Watch Screpto tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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Use Cases

Find out how web scraping is used by a range of businesses across multiple industries to drive innovation & growth.

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Getting Started

To follow this documentation, you first need to have the chrome extension installed as well as have an account in the core platform.

If you haven't already done these steps, please follow the steps below:

Download chrome extension

Download Screpto's chrome extension

Sign up for an account

  • Visit Signup page
  • Fill in the information and sign up
  • Check your inbox for a verification email and activate your account